Pretty much anything and everything can be delivered right to your front door.  We live in a time where you can order anything from food to beauty products online and most include a delivery service.

Subscription-boxes are a way for companies to grow their customer base and make their products more familiar to clients.  The benefits for customers are many.  Customers often receive discounts on products, where the products’ worth is sometimes far greater than the cost of the subscription.

It takes minimal effort to maintain the subscription and the whole process speaks convenience.  Receiving your beauty, skin health, hair products and much more, right on your doorstep, regularly, is the ultimate of convenience.

For men, this is also an easy way to explore new products they might not have thought to ever use.  Men’s boxes can include hair and body products, shaving products, special face products and much more, man-specific, products.  Value and Gift sets, Electric devices, Health products and even articles of clothing, like socks and ties, might also be included.

The thought that the general tendency would be, for, mostly women, to order beauty-boxes, would prove to be all wrong.


Discover Beauty in a Box for Men

Subscribing to Health and Beauty boxes can be a fun experience for customers.  Every box delivered, even when expected, still gives the element of surprise.  It is fun opening parcels and revealing each item.  Different companies provide different items included in their boxes.

Different Options for Men’s Health and Beauty, Grooming and Clothing Boxes

Men’s Health Subscription Box:  Included in each box are at least 12 Health products, for example, Health shakes, Sugar-free cookies and vitamin supplements.  This box is designed to meet the nutritional needs of men.

Monthly Subscription:  $35.00

Sock Company Subscription Box:  You will receive three pairs of the finest quality new socks in every box every month.  Never again be the one with a big toe sticking out of a holey sock.

Monthly Subscription:  $15.00

Accessorise my Suit and Tie Subscription Box:  This Style orientated box will be comprised of a tie, socks, pocket square and three other items, such as tie clips and cufflinks.  If you regularly suit up, you will never be bored again by the same old, same old accessories.

Monthly Subscription:  $50.00

Personal Barber Subscription Box:  This box aims to reintroduce the joys of shaving without ever using disposable razors again.  The first box will contain a shaving brush, a safety single blade razor along with soaps and creams and extra blades.  Future boxes will contain replenishing items.

Monthly Subscription:  $40.00

The Grooming Box:  This box will help you discover new products for your daily routine.  It might contain travel-sized items as well as full-sized items and will include products like aftershave balm, body wash and moisturiser.  It will also contain grooming tools for nails, ears and nose.

Monthly Subscription:  $20.00

Subscription Boxes provides fun, surprises and convenience for customers on a monthly base.  Find your favourite box, and subscribe to Health and Beauty in a Box.

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