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Risks and Reasons to not make use of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


The use of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of men, women and more and more young adults are escalating.  There are people that see this as a reflection of our modern culture of trying to stay young and beautiful for all time.  Others embrace it as an opportunity to prolong the appearance of health and vitality.

More refined, safer and affordable techniques are developed daily which will mean more cosmetic procedures performed daily.  An ongoing fascination with reality Television makeovers and the popularization of cosmetic procedures makes it clear that Cosmetic Procedures are here to stay.


It is important to consider not just the physical consequences but also the psychological effects of cosmetic and plastic surgery.  Two important issues need to be considered by persons considering a surgery.  Firstly, the immediate emotional concerns faced by patients opting to surgically alter their physical appearance and secondly, the farther reaching concern of dealing with people’s reactions after the fact.

Reasons not to consider Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery

Do not decide on Plastic or Cosmetic surgery to please someone else.  Seek plastic surgery for you.  Surgery will not change a relationship or save a marriage.  Cosmetic surgery should be for yourself to feel better in changing something you are not happy about in your appearance.

Surgery is not a quick fix to lose weight.  Plastic surgery is not a weight loss procedure.  A sensible, healthy diet and exercise will do wonders in losing weight.

Think twice before deciding on a procedure because it is the latest fashion.  Fashions change.

Too much of a good thing can turn out to be not so good.  You might just always feel that something is not yet as perfect as you’d hoped it to be.

You think that plastic surgery is no big deal and can easily be done.  This is not true.  It is still a surgical procedure and any surgery comes with some risks.  There usually is a recovery time afterwards as with any surgical procedures.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery is an important decision that can be incredibly fulfilling when done for the right reasons and performed by an excellent plastic surgeon.